On Tuesday October 18th at The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, we launched our community project to establish a permanent public memorial to Edward Carpenter.
Our key note speaker Patron Baroness Joyce Gould, addressed an audience including our Lord Mayor, Council leader , Local media and a great mix of socialists, LGBT people, ramblers, WEA, politicians, feminists, writers, trade unionists, artists etc.
Mark Scott and Rony Robinson made heart warming speeches and Grace Petrie played some beautiful music.
Sheffield Archives service brought along a display (including sandals).Our artist Paul Dearden brought some beautiful art work dedicated to the project including Carpenter and friends and scenes of Barlow. We will sell the art work to raise money and also auction a beautiful painting of Carpenter which we hope will attract international bidders.
Our friend David Granville from 'Books on the Park' brought a wonderful display of second hand books along including some original Clarion Rambler pamphlets. A great night was had by all.



Cheryl Bailey and Pete Evans from Sheffield Archives attended and brought with them fantastic artefacts from the extensive Edward Carpenter Archive.

Cheryl Bailey with our Patron Baroness Joyce Gould.



Paul Dearden brought along Edward Carpenter artwork and David Granville brought a collection of local history books, including original Clarion Ramblers booklets.



Speeches and music followed to officially launch Friends of Edward Carpenter and send it on its way.

The welcome was given by Mark Scott and the order of events introduced by Steve Slack.

Baroness Joyce Gould gave the keynote speech.

Cheryl Bailey from Sheffield Archives gave an overview of the outstanding Edward Carpenter Archive and Grace Petrie sang two great songs.

Rony Robinson gave personal reflections about Edward Carpenter.



The Friends of Edward Carpenter in attendance.


Thankyou for a great launch and for your support!


The launch was covered by the Yorkshire Post and there is a great article online here:

Heart and sole of Gay Godfather.